Mechanical Trenching

Mechanical Trenching is a very time and production effective method to install most utilities like HDPE Duct, Water Pipes, Electrical cables, etc. 

Trench depth

Due to the strait downward motion of the boom or rock wheel, the required depth can be reached within the first 1 meter of trench line, thus avoiding unnecessary trenching to reach required depth.

Both the rock wheel and the chain delivers a smooth trench side wall. This minimizes risk of damage to the utility being installed.
Depending on the requirements of the client, the respective trenching equipment can be set up to deliver a trench width between 150mm up to 300mm and a depth from 300mm up to 1700mm.
Sufficient fine material falls back into the trench from the cutting motion of the blade. This spoil is acceptable for bedding material.
The soil that has been excavated is also milled to finer material and is usually fine enough for padding material or it can easily sifted if required.


Sufficient compaction can be accomplished by making use of available “Narrow Foot” rammers.
A simple extension with a narrow rammer foot piece is attached to the original foot mounting plate.
These rammers can be hired or your own fleet can be modified.

We also have compactor attachment on specific machines that deliver a extremely efficient compaction.

Additional capabilities

Off Set Boom; this allows speciffic machines to slide the whole chain or rock wheel unit to one side of the machine if space is a problem.
Self leveling.
Compaction unit.
Vibratory Plough Attachement.
In Road Cutting.

Cutting Bits

Different cutting bits can be fitted on the chain and the rock wheel to suite the requirements of the soil confections.

Thrust Boring

Thrust Boring

Thrust Boring