SHEQ & Compliance

Trench Technology’s SHEQ

Trench Technology’s SHEQ system has been adopted throughout the organisation having implemented our own SHEQ stand-off plan with our employees and our suppliers. This plan incorporates on going SHEQ training and Health and Safety initiatives throughout the year. Trench Technology believe SHEQ to be an imperative part of our company’s ethos and through partnerships with SAFCEC (Quality Trained) and NOSA, we have strived to make our SHEQ our highest priority.

Trench Technology is currently registered with the Construction Industry Development Board.
All operators have completed training with ELB Equipment
All operators have valid medicals with working knowledge
All operators have valid physcomotor assessments with Driving Sense

Trench Technology has the equipment and skills to help your crews work safely, and be more productive. For all your Trenching needs, contact trench Technology!